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  CV - Statement

I am a photo-based artist inspired by nature, life and its stories and exploring transitions and landscapes of different cultures, human life and ways of living. My intention is to connect
philosophical and spiritual ideas with questions in life and form them into an imaginary
I am working in multiple mediums (photography, video etc.), primarily combine them digitally into mixed media pieces.



born in Saxony, lives and works in Potsdam/ Berlin.




BA of Arts – European Science of Media

University Potsdam/ University of Applied Science Potsdam/ HFF Potsdam


Video documentation/ video animation

  Organization of exhibitions
  Work for different film festivals
  Public relations in culture fields
  Media education, working on film
since 2013 Focus on Photo-based Art
since 2014 Ceramics
since 2016 Studio at Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum, Potsdam


2017 »Promises from the Moon«, Stiftung Preussische Schlösser & Gärten,
Pomonatempel at Pfingstberg, Potsdam *Solo
2017 »Project Peace« - [Kun:st] International, Galerie Kerstan, Stuttgart *Catalog
2017 »Umlaufbahnen«, Showroom - Rechenzentrum, Potsdam
2016 »Christmas-Exhibition«, Galerie Kunstwerk, Potsdam
2016 »Open Studio« at Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum, Potsdam
2016 Guest Artist at Rechenzentrum, Potsdam
2016 »Open Studio« at AADK Spain, Blanca (Spain)
2014 »Immortal Christian Morgenstern«, Turmgalerie der Bismarckhöhe, Werder/ Havel
2013 »Christmas-Exhibition«, Galerie Kunstwerk, Potsdam
2012 »Stories from the Wood «, Logopädische Praxis Buchholz, Potsdam *Solo
2012 »Christmas-Exhibition«, Galerie Kunstwerk, Potsdam
2008 »ausgepuppt« (video), Galerie 22, Potsdam

»Blue« (video) // Applaus - Final Year Presentation, Altes Hans-Otto-Theater, Potsdam

2016 Artist Residency, AADK Spain, Blanca (Spain)
2013 4 weeks study and working stay, Barcelona (Spain)
2012 3 weeks working stay, Ukraine
2003 6 month living and working stay, New Zealand