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Not Limited Pictures - Wood Photo Blocks


Each and every one of my wood block prints are made by me.
They are painted, mounted, signed on the back and packed by myself.
The blocks can easily stay on a shelf or hang on the wall.


Photo Blocks varies in sizes (10x10cm up to 30x30cm).

Please email me if you interested in a portfolio.

Sale about the atelier or write me a message.


»Wings« // 13x18cm   »Waterfall« // 13x18cm
»Transformation III« // 10x10cm   »Transformation IV« // 10x10cm
»Gold I« // 10x10cm   »Gold II« // 10x10cm
»Gold III« // 10x10cm   Gold-Series (3 from 5), different sizes
»The Fountain in the Garden I« // 10x10cm   »The Fountain in the Garden II« // 10x10cm
»Transformation Gelb I« // 10x10cm   »Transformation Gelb III« // 10x10cm
»Queen of the Night I + II« // 10x10cm  
»Glade«   Tree-Series
»Transformation Rot I - III« // 10x10cm   from the wood series