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m i c r o m a n i a 

4. June – 17. July 2020

The title of the exhibition refers to the short format of the exhibits and the current discourse of the financial support for artists through the politics during the crisis.


Galerie M

Charlottenstraße 122

14467 Potsdam


Opening hours:

on Wednesdays - Fridays from 11am -5 pm



Brandenburg Art Award 2020

for Painting, Graphic, Sculpture and Photography


the Märkische Oderzeitung newspaper and the Schloss Neuhardenberg Foundation

Exhibition: 4. July 2020 till 30. August 2020

Award ceremony: Sunday 2. August 2020, 12 pm


Schloss Neuhardenberg
15320 Neuhardenberg


Opening hours:

on Thusesday - Sundays from 12am -6 pm



Open Ateliers 2020

ATTENTION: shifted from 3rd May to 20th October

11am - 6 pm





©Dominique Raack